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Default The "Afterwards" hookah smoke

I don't want to get any feathers burnt or worse so I hope a hint to the wise as in "nudge, nudge, know what I mean, get the picture,maybe maybe" you can fill in the dotted lines.

There are those who enjoy an "afterwards" cigarette, or at least I've seen so in the movies. Usually it seems like a quick withdraw from any itimacy.
Anyone ever heard or had the "afterwards" hookah? You can fill your bowls ahead of time, use ice, pack the bowl well in advance--just as you pre-chilled that bottle of vintage wine .

You'll have to settle this time for quick lights, what can you do, unless of course you happen to be right next to the fireplace and you've got a roaring fire already at a glow, the coals might be ready. Its a matter of...timing.
Put on the coals and you are ready to puff.
Actually it makes a lot more sense than an afterwards cigarette. It is intimate especially if you share a pipe, one hose or 2 don't matter.

I'd think if 2 people share a cigarette, not only are they withdrawing from intimacy, but both are thinking. "How many drags are left on that cigarette?" Why does she mooch? "Will he get the last puff, that macho male egotist". Could cause a fire in ..... With the hookah you can relax and take your time.

By the way, someone could write a post or poll about the effects of smoking before relations. I don't know what the statistics say, but it seems to me that smoking hookah is on the "rise".
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