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Default Re: Washable plastic hose?

I saw them in a big shop in the Galilee 6 years ago and said to myself "no" but tried them anyways. They wash and dry in seconds. Nothing to corrode. Obviously not as nice looking as a really washable hose, but lets face it, consider that the pvc plastic garbage bags have a life of hundreds of thousands of years even underground. Compare that to leather. and its also cheaper. If you have one hookah well that's something else. I have anumber of only Chinese made mongrel breeds of many shapes and sizes but they all hit great, and I only use the plastic.
One thing. I find the 9 inch non-flexible rod as many traditional hoses have a total pain and obviously unflexible, so I sawed them all off around 6 inches to a point where I could add a regular size plastic mouthpiece. this resulted in a shorter hose by 6 inches in measurement, but in reach for actual use, it is longer and flexible. You can get those without the long rod mouthpiece too.
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