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Default Re: big hoses vs little hoses

Originally Posted by Shushyne4np2ne View Post
Well, i think that everyone else has beat this into the ground, but I'll throw my words of wisdom (see: stupidity) in here:

Larger hoses like Nammor, Razan, Grand, and KM hoses are wider gauged, meaning they can amass larger quantities of smoke in a single pull. Think about drinking from a drinking straw as opposed to drinking a widemouth bottle.

It's been said that the smaller hoses do a have a tighter draw, which is correct. The smaller hoses are for people that like a little resistance, so they feel like they aren't sucking in just air.
But you see, you can only smoke so much at once. When you use a larger hose, you get tons of smoke all at once. With a smaller hose, it takes longer to get the same amount of smoke, but many people think that you get a better view of the flavor.
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