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1. Averaged out probably once a day. When I am sitting down with friends for a while we often go through the first bowl and then wait a bit and strike up a second.

2. Indefinite. It depends on the blend. Honey, molasses and glycerin are natural preservatives so you never have to really worry about rotting so long as it's stored properly. Flavor can fade if the brand uses certain techniques. Like Fantasia whose flavors are alcohol based. Eventually the flavor can fade in my experience but it still takes a really long time.

3. Room temp. There is no advantage to storing it cold and the fridge will just suck out the moisture which is kind of one of the most important components in shisha tobacco.

4. Holes too big, carbon build up, rust and they are not versatile. Only usable on bowls that fit them and almost never is it the bowl I want to use. Also like I was hinting at eventually they rust and become unusable.

5. Yes. I hate you and will never be your friend now.
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