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Originally Posted by kidkarl View Post
I was just scanning older posts and a few thoughts popped into my head.

1. How often do you all smoke your hookah. Is it multiple times per day or a few times per week?

2. How long can you store tobacco based Shisha assuming it is well sealed and fresh when purchased?

3. Should it be store at room temp or in a refrigerator?

4. Do you see anything wrong with using those metal screens over using home made foil? I notice the holes are a bit large but I have never had any problems with ashes coming through.

5. To many questions for one post?

Thanks for any input...
1- at school once a day 2 sometimes 3 bowls in a row (3 hours)
2-some say 6 months, other say 2 years. if its sealed well you can push it as far as it stays moist. if its sealed it will last well over 2 years depending on how the manufacture seals it
3-room temp, never in the fridge, it will dehydrate
4-some people like the screens but most dont use them, i dont use them because i dont want to have to deal with figuring them out. as to home made foil do you have a rolling mill in your garage?

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