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Default Herbal Shishas

Hey guys-
So I've been doing as much reseacrh as I can here on herbal shishas, and it seems like Saalaam Herbal and Hydro Herbal Shisha are getting pretty good reviews for herbals. But here is my question. Both say it looks like pine needles, and the marketing for both claim to be tobacco and nicotine free, but neither claim to be tar free. Is it possible they do use pine needles? I'm a beekeeper and I use pine needles in my smoker because they put out a REALLY THICK, nice smelling white smoke. My problem though is that pine puts out an incredible amount of tar when it burns. So are those two in fact just as bad or worse for you than tobacco?

Next is the Black Lable Herbal Shisha. They do claim to be tobacco, nicotine and tar free, but it seems to have really bad reviews.

Are there any herbals that are GOOD and claim to be TAR FREE as well?
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