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Every single "shisha" that diesn't have tobacco uses used, shredded sugar cane as a base. While some have better flavours then others they all have little to no smoke texture and they all leave a film in your mouth since they are all literally swimming in glycerin. Whys smoke something with no texture? It's like ebaygirl says "its flavoured air".

There is nothing herbal about "hermbal shishas" and since a shisha is a pipe the marketing annoys me. Frankly I can't see why anyone thinks thats glycerin + flavourings + honey + spent sugar cane is less gdangerous then glycerin + flavourings + honey + tobacco.

As to nicotine I don't see what the big deal is since unless you smoke tombac you don't get much of the nicotine content from moassel since it's not literally burned.

I went to the Dr. recently to have my latest skin graft checked and get a check up. The doctor checked my cardio-vascular condition and said it's normal for someone my age and the blood test conclueded that I am not a smoker which is interesting since I smoke my narghile daily and have a cigar a couple of times a week. I guess that should tell you something about how nicotine in moassel is absorted into the bloodstream. Also, I smoke mostly traditional stuff which has more nicotine then the mod washed stuff.
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