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Default which one will i like the best?

ok so as of 6 hours ago i have orderd 120$ worth of shisha or so and vortex bowl..

heres the deal

im new to shisha world.. only ever tried the following

starbuzz: cotton candy,sour apple, strawberry
Mystery Brand first hookah experiance forgot what it was: pomegranite
Al Fakher: two apple

and im not sure how i will respond to new flavors and brands of shisha. so i wanted to get a poll to what you guys think ill end up liking best just to see how close all our hookah tastes are.

heres what i orderd

carton of assorted herbal Hydro shisha (too many flavors to list in 50 gram packs)

200g tub of Fusion Pomegranate(searching for the ever illusive first shisha hit i ever took, knew it was pomegranate forgot the brand)

250 tub of JM's Tangerine

250 tub of Fantasias Pink Lemonade..

just something to do while i wait for shipping from california....put down what you think ill like the best and maybe post a reason why or a short opinion about my order. remember i also ordered a reusable screen to replace the foil and 3 kings easy lites as well as a vortex bowl to help with my noobieness with setups..

let me know what you guys think,

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