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Default Re: So Smiley.............

hate to add to the list but in total ive got 7 dud flavors of smileys. i know this is so because me and my friend both order this stuff and every batch we have gotten has been diffrent and most of the stuff he gets is heads and heels better then what is sent to me. my last bubbleberry, prickly pear where duds to me thats a broken heart. nevermind the fact i was supposed to receive samples for being one of the first people on this forum... said he was going to send it and yet .. nothing.

i work for my money and it is a bummer to pay for something and have it sit on a shelf because for what ever reason is not what it is supposed to be.

to each his own, i was a big supporter of smileys but with the current trend of products that i last received im not sure if i will be gambling on getting any more shisha
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