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Default Re: Pimpyourhookah=god

every flavor someone may like that you will hate. different strokes for different folks. here is my basic opinion on those three

starbuzz: overall a solid tobacco, fairly forgiving on heat so if it goes harsh you can revive it with little to no bad effect on your session. the flavors are sweet which is what i like because i can taste the flavor easily, some other brands the flavor is lighter so i dont taste much and dont like them as well. its bad point is the pricing, you can get fairly good discounts if you buy multiple ones but not always. check my tobacco pricing list for the cheaper sites to find it.

al fakher: solid brand also, not as forgiving in heat as starbuzz but it will give in. the flavors are not as strong so i dont like this one as much but it does have its good flavors. easy to get to smoke just watch your heat and the pricing is great.

tangiers: great brand, i like it as much as starbuzz overall. people say it gives a killer buzz but i havent gotten one yet personally and havent gotten one from nakhla either. it is VERY heat tempermental and once you burn it you can bring it back but it may be worse off and taste like crap. prices are fairly good but not as good as al fakher.
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