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Default Which shisha's have the best heat tolerance

Haven't seen any threads about how easy/ hard certain shisha's can be heat management wise. I always like to experiment with new brands when trying them, but it would be nice if their was some information I could go off so I know which brands are more heat sensitive. I haven't tried that many shisha's yet but i'll post my experience with what i've had so far. Any info you can contribute will be helpful, thanks!

- 1-------------10
(hardest) (easiest)

Afzal - (8) Fairly dry, texture is more sticky than moist. Surprisingly easy to manage. Two 1/4 sticks of exotica is usually enough to get thick tasty clouds.

Al Fakher - (3.5) Generally very wet and cut in small pieces. So far I've tried on several separate occasions to get this to smoke right and have failed to do so thus far. Given that there may have been issues with packing, but after trying different packing methods, more/less coal, and different foil patterns I still have trouble with this brand.

Fumari - (10) Extremely wet and juicy, meduim size cut Defiantly one of the easiest brands heat management wise. Have never burned or gotten any harsh smoke from this shisha, can take a lot of heat and still be completely smooth.

Jewels - (9) Fairly moist, but not dripping, medium cut. Another shisha that has no problem taking a good amount of heat. May experience a bit of harshness if you are using a ton of heat towards the end, but generally this shouldn't be a problem.
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