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Default Re: KM rusting?

Brass FTW!

but brass still will corrode, but its usually with areas that are more porous and unfinished. The downstem is really smooth so there are less tiny spots for water to get trapped and corrode. If you want to make your downstem more rust tolerant, then i would sand it with a low grit sandpaper, then slowly move up to 500, then 1000, then 2000 and finally buff it off with a buffing rag or sponge thing. This will make it extra smooth and make less spots for water to get trapped. You could also try applying some type of grease or something to the downstem before smoking it. This will ensure that no water will get in those tiny holes and corrode it more. But make sure that it is some type of food safe grease or something. Actually, bacon grease would work great, because its safe to have in the water. But im not sure if it would add any flavor.
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