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Default My order!

Hey guys, after a lot of thinking about what to order (ordering from the US, to Denmark.. Shipping cost is massive) i finally came down to this;

Here it is;

Khalil Mamoon Pharonie (Blue and gold)

Mya Bambino

Mini Mya

(one for at home, one for travel, one for putting weird shit in xD)

__________________________________________________ ____________-
Nammor hose:

With a fancy mouthpiece:

(both in blue ofcourse, to match the blue&gold KM)

And a hosecover (just for style :b - Black)

Heba Diffuser:

2 Phunnel bowls (One normal, and one "havana":

Ultimate combo bowl:

And just some normal egyptian bowls (3)

Charchoal holder (medium):

__________________________________________________ _____________
Shisha tobacco:

3x Starbuzz Super pack (3x 250g boxes) with the following flavors:

2x blue myst
1x Cappuccino
1x Chocolate mint
1x Margarita
1x Peaches and cream
1x Pumpkin Pie
1x White Peach
1x X on the beach

1x Romman Super pack (3x 250g boxes) with the following flavors

1x Blue berry
1x Chocolate
1x Summer crisp

1x Al fakher Super pack (3x 250g boxes) with the following flavors:

Golden eskandrani apple

1x Nakhla 1000g box Double Apple

__________________________________________________ __________

1x Coco Nara Monster pack (5x 84 pieces)

1x Three Kings 33mm box (10 rolls of 10 coals)
__________________________________________________ __________

That was about it, just to add a little comment;

I've never tried either KM or Mya hookah, never tried starbuzz, never tried coco naras, never tried a Nammor hose (or even a slightly wide-gauged(?) hose), never tried a phunnel bowl or anything like that.

Only been smoking my crappy chinese rig with crappy mya bowl for the past 3 years.

Feel free to come with suggestions on how to improve the order (and my (hopefully) positive experience when i open up the package )
__________________________________________________ __________
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