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Default Re: Hello from Canada

Originally Posted by sfraser View Post
Hello everyone, the name is Sean and I got a couple questions.

First of all I am not an extraordinary newb to the hookah world, I have a couple friends who own one and I have had the pleasure of smoking them on numerous occasions. Just recently I have decided to purchase one myself.

I have been creeping on your boards for a couple days as I have been debating upon online vendors, style and/or brand of hookah to purchase and I decided after almost wearing out your search function to just go ahead and ask.

Canada is a pain in the ass of a country in regards to certain tax laws and as such it seems that perhaps ordering my hookah(s)/sisha should happen online. Do any Canadians here have any recommendations on online vendors? I have been looking at **********, Hookah-Sisha and MNHookah due to the fact that they seem to have reliable brands for hookahs (KM, Mya, etc.) and also seem to be somewhat popular on your boards.

Any recomendations or stories about your experiences would be a huge help. Also, how bad is the tax on sisha? Is it better for me to attempt to find a local vendor?

Thank you for searching first.

Not a canadian myself but it seems a lot of canadians do order from here because it is cheaper; however I think that is only because they are able to get their packages thru without customs charging them. If you get charged in probably won't be cheaper.

As for hookahs...I am a KM lover...I own myas, nours, other egyptians, but I always go back to the KMs.
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