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Default Re: Is the mya qt the best "little hitter" on the market?

I think some of you guys are going at this wrong. OK, most hookahs will vary in quality, but the amount of smoke you get is much much more dependent on the type of tobacco used, amount of coal, bowl, and if a windcover is used. It just seems that some of these smaller hookahs hit as hard as their big brothers because most of us have the experience to set up a hookah correctly. The only difference between the smaller hookahs is the bore of the inner stem. And that will just effect the pull. Having a larger hookah, smaller hookah, wider hookah, unicorn hookah will not matter as much as the tobacco inside it and the coals used. I mean, in India, they used to smoke out of coconuts.

Get what hookah looks best to you. The only reason you should get a MYA is for it's build quality and pull, but it is possible to get the same amount of smoke out of anything.
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