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Originally Posted by MindGrind View Post
There really is no difference between a regular and Havana Phunnel, only the looks. I'd suggest just picking one or the other.
I use a Havana myself and it does do the job, they are Medium sized and pretty tall (about it not fitting; I got mine with 2 nice silicone grommets, never had a problem fitting it on anyones rig).
Having both, there IS a distinct difference in both. The center spire is taller and closer to being flush with the outer rim of the bowl than a std tangiers phunnel. Without the binder clip mod they may be a problem of flow as the foil may or may not stay in place.

Also, you're lucky to find a combination of grommets that work with it. I've gone through a couple to get one to fit the phunnel perfectly.
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