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Well, i occasionally will mix Saalaam Herbal because Spiced Chai is a really nice flavor. But, i really dont buy most of the things about hookah being bad for you. Most studies have either scorched the tobacco, or just assumed it was being burned like a ciggarettes tobacco into an ash. Tar is released when some plant material is burned (depends on the plant), shisha tobacco is just "toasted". Therefore less tar will be released, and since the water cools down the smoke, it is easier for particles in the smoke to be filtered out. The particles will be moving slower and will easily drop into the water, along with some flavoring in the smoke hence the tainted water once your done smoking, even if you have a phunnel or a vortex which captures almost all of the juices. Most of the studies just dont add up. But, there is CO in the smoke, depending on your coal there could be more or less (coconaras have a very low CO rate). Well thats my rant on tobacco.

Now, herbal is a weird subject. The only way to test if you actually breathe in bagasse is to test the water for it, and test the smoke coming out of the hose. If bagasse is in the water, then we know that it is released from the herbal mixture, Then we could take steps to ensure more filtering of the smoke to increase the amount of bagasse trapped ie, diffuser, deeper downstem, ect. If bagasse is found in the smoke, then we really shouldnt smoke herbal shisha unless there is some non-bagasse version.

Unfortunately, this is one of my only free summers for a few years to come, and i dont have the tools or the knowledge to fufill these tests. But someone who does should try this out as it would be really important to hookah smokers worldwide.
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