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Originally Posted by kkentert View Post
I don't know what bagasse is!

And Ah yes...the coals. Should I get the coconaras that Coldgr33ntea said to get for the lower CO?
Bagasse is found in the dust from cane sugar. People who work in the cane sugar fields and breathe that in are very likey to develop something that i dont remember what its called. Pulmonary fibrosis? idk whatever

But that doesnt sound like something that you should smoke, and its very possible that you might be able to breathe it in in the smoke.

and yes, coconaras are the shiznit. If you do some searching, one of the users tested the level of CO in the air when lighting the coals and smoking it. Coconaras were the lowest, and exotica coals were much much higher in the amount of CO that they give off.
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