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Default Re: First hookah: Mya Bambino or Sahara Smoke Cyclone

well, i have smoked from both. i own the cyclone.

to be honest with you i'm selling it in a week. i really liked my cyclone, the only problems i had with it was that it didn't have a purge (it had 2 hoses), the 2 pieces connecting the ashtray are rusted together (i took good care of my hookah, but it still rusted there), and the downstem is too short for that huge vase.

i am actually going to get a mya qt because it's a lot more portable and they are built to last, they hit amazingly, and i think it's going to last a lot longer than a sahara smoke rig.

so in my opinion, get the bambino. the sahara rigs are a bit too expensive, and on top of that it was $30.00 to get it shipped to me. it cost me about $110.00 for the pipe, and 250g of tobacco, plus 30 dollars shipping.
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