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Default Re: First hookah: Mya Bambino or Sahara Smoke Cyclone

I got the Bambino as my first hookah and I do love it but there are a couple of complaints. The vase is so cheap. The paint job on it sucks. I have a LOT of trouble getting the stem to sit level on it and always have to fuss with it. The tray is uber tiny and I had to invest in a bigger tray, which has saved me a lot of burns on my carpet.

I frequently wish I'd bought the QT instead. The tray looks just as small but from what I've read on reviews, the vase is sturdier. It definitely looks less likely to topple over because of the wide base. Don't know that the stem will fit any better on the QT than it does on the Bambino though.

Six of one, half dozen of the other though, I guess. The Bambino has the gorgeous cloissone stem but an ugly vase. The QT isn't gorgeous or anything, but it does look sturdier and the stem is elegant enough.

I can't complain about the quality of the smoking sessions with the Bambino. It smokes great, isn't at much risk for toppling over, and is fairly easy to clean (don't lose that teeny tiny white gasket that comes with it!).

The Bambino comes with a case, the QT comes with a basket. The Bambino case is small, not padded, w/no pockets or straps but I do store my Bambino in it, wrapped in a towel. I don't feel I NEED the case, however. Might feel differently if I ever decide to travel with it.

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