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Default Re: Does the Height of a hookah matter or what?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk
Originally Posted by boomhauer
stick to a one hose. one hose can go with 4 and sometimes 5 people without it being a hassle. even then dont bother with another hose its best to get a whole new hookah. seriously having too many hoses is a pain because you may have to watch your taking a pull because of other people and if you dont have a self-sealing one each person has to remember to cover the end of the hose when not in use. even if you have auto-seal i hear it is a pain in the ass.
I got a 4 hose and i always have over 4 people smoking out of 4 hose ports. They are all sit, take turns, smoke, get clouds, we ooo and aww, me and nick blow fatty O's, pass the hose to our hose buddy (we always split the hoses in between 2 people, and if there is an odd number then i get my own ). But everyone is great about sharing it. No one tips over the hookah. If i had a one hose hookah there's no way i could entertain more than 5 people at once.
you are sitting there with 4 people taking turns. with that you could VERY easily share it with 4 people on one hookah and 5+ with 2+ hookah's because you are taking turns drawing, so you draw and pass the hose so that is.....taking turns. if you have more than one hookah that is 2 hoses so you are splitting it between people so you can handle over 5 preople, at hookah bars when i went with people we did 4 people fairly easily with one hose and people smoking how much they wanted and it causing no problems between people.

there is no difference in hoses, nammor/razan hoses are good because they are washable so if you plan to smoke many different flavors get a washed one. if your going to stick to a few i say an KM hose is great, its a great hose and its comparable if not better than a washable hose. its bad that it is not washable so you will have to replace it but then again you will have to replace a washable hose sooner or later.
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