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Default Cigarette vs. Hookah Smoke quick "napkin" study

This will be my first post on here so I hope you enjoy I apologize if the pictures are too large.

I saw a video one time comparing the smoke exhaled from a regular cigarette and the vapor exhaled from a vaporizer by breathing the smoke into a napkin, and I thought it would be a fun experiment to do to compare cigarette smoke to hookah smoke.

Materials: My new Egyptian Nile Hookah from (works great btw) with Fantasia fuzzy peach navel, used 2 quicklight three kings coals. The cigarette used was a Gudang Garam Signature (clove cig imported from Indonesia). I used large dinner napkins with a smooth surface area where I breathed the smoke.

Method: For both, I took pics at 0, 5, 10, and 20 drags from both the cigarette and the hookah. The hookah had heated up for about 10 minutes and the cigarette for one.

Before the results, I'd like to add that the hits from the hookah were MUCH larger than the drags from the cigarette, so the hookah napkin had more smoke exhaled into it.

1st pictures: Before


after 5 hits

After 10 hits

After 20 hits

In actuality, the napkin showed no noticeable discoloration of any kind, if any. This was a very surprising result, as I expected at least some kind of color.


After 5 drags (pic taken outside):

After 10 drags (pic taken outside):

After 20 drags:

As you can see, there is a ton of difference between the two. The last pic is a side by side comparison.

Thought I'd share that with everyone here at HookahPro, hope you feel better about your smoking habits now lol

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