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Default Re: First time buyer - which should I buy??

Originally Posted by ngraz617 View Post
First of all consider buying from Hookah-shisha .com, you'll see the prices for everythything when comparing to hookahlounge are much cheaper and for your first hookah I recomend the brand Mya, but most are good and if going with a two hose or plan to in the future you want to get the auto-seal system which I don't know if hookahloung stocks. the Mya Odyssey (1 hose) Hookah although acrylic is a great first hookah (great hookah period) and you cant break it and comes with loads of free stuff. I know four people with that hookah, myself included and it always works great. Once you get into shisha and want to buy the best ones like Al Fakher which is the only shisha you should buy unless they don't have a specific flavor and in that case you get Star buzz. Aside from those two the only other company that has some good shisha is Hookah Hokah and their freak line is also very good. Hokah-shisha are so much cheaper, cheaper on everything, have the best user friendly web site and their customer service is second to none. Good luck.
eh im gona have to disagree with you on almost all of this. fist auto seal is terible its one of the worst concepts for hookah design if you dont belive me ask anyone who has ever used auto seal v.s not auto seal. a mya is a good hookah yes but as it seems they want something tall i would go with a MZ KM syrian or an AF all are great rigs also AF is not the best shsiha nor SB SB is a good shisha but highley over priced and also 90% of people on the fourm will tell you that nakhla isthe best avalible in the us and i also state this the reason being 1. its cheap 2. it taste great .3 it has a more natrual flavor .4 its really hard not to get right .5 great clouds ( i get better clouds with nakhla then SB). also the only other company that has good shisha is HH that would be extremely wron IMO. dont get me wrong its not bad and it delivers on smoke but for some one new heat manegment is going to be a bitch and in no way dose it stack up agianst nakhla. also AF these days is so unreliable its not funny try geting a good batch twice in a row lmao. also if you want a good guid for geting a new hookah read this

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