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Default Re: Does the Height of a hookah matter or what?

multiple flavors are a plus if someone doesnt like that one too much. gives people a choice and people like choices

is one extra bowl/hookah that much really? i clean my hookah in about 4 minutes being with a nice scrub and water+vinegar. if i want it to soak for a deeper cleaning sure it can take 30 minutes to clean up. bowl to clean up? no more than 1 minute.

mouthtips? it can be a problem but hey what is a little germs between friends? ;p

heat management on 2 hookah's is not hard and hey if your covering two you can take two times the hits because you will be in rotation on both of them. people on the site here have "catered" parties by taking multiple hookah's to places and they do just fine even with drunk people and all.

price, yes that can be something yet the cheapest 3 hose so you can expand it to 4 ports is 160 plus the 4 bucks so thats 165 if we round up. going by pyh on a km at about 33 inches (dont know the exact height of mine) but thats 60 bucks each. 120 bucks total and you got 2 hookah's and you can handle up to 10 people max with little effort.

look for you a mya with 4 hoses works which is just fine. i am just going with what i believe, have seen and other people have seen and tested on the forum. a single hose can cover 4-5 people rather easily and its not hard to put up another one.
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