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Default Re: multi colored hookah stems

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
Can you powder coat in UV or glow in the dark paint?
they make it for sure, ive seen it at casewel
Originally Posted by brutalmetals View Post
uv shouldnt be a problem and glow in the dark comes in the form of clear coat. so i suppose you could even keep your hookah the same metal color and put glow in the dark clear coat on it. as far as colors go, im pretty sure i can get every imaginable color. im going to do it this weekend to my mini. ill let you guys know how it looks, but if you have any ideas feel free to post em.
the clear coat uv has a bit of green color to it though. powder coat does come is a lot of colors though
Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Perhaps cover your vase in masking tape. Then use a razor blade and stencil out a cool design, then powdercoat it.
you cant powder coat glass, you need electrical charges on the base and the powder, cant put a charge on glass, not mention that i dont think it would even stick to glass

the only thing i would wonder about is if the warm spots up by the top of the stem will give any issues when heated, i know powdercoat is pretty safe with heat and pretty high temp depending on the type so it should not be an issue but something to look at (MSDS should give you the info you need for this)

cool idea i might be interested, i want to know how/if you could do a full coating to prevent any rust. if so you could make a "cheap" rig that smoked well but had bad materials in to a great rig

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