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Default Re: Does the Height of a hookah matter or what?

Originally Posted by boomhauer
is one extra bowl/hookah that much really? i clean my hookah in about 4 minutes being with a nice scrub and water+vinegar. if i want it to soak for a deeper cleaning sure it can take 30 minutes to clean up. bowl to clean up? no more than 1 minute.

mouthtips? it can be a problem but hey what is a little germs between friends? ;p
when i clean mine it takes me about 30 minutes just because i get paranoid looking down the stem and seeing a speck still there. "$%#@!!!! its still there!!!" *scrub scrub scrub*, then i have the whole sniff test, etc etc.

yea mouthtips make things akward with friends. and they are a hassle. germs dont really scare me at all. unless the person has AIDS and their mouth is bleeding all over the hose
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