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Default Re: Does the Height of a hookah matter or what?

exactly. sure if they have mono or something they smoke with a mouth piece but you really arent going to catch something from someone...well now with the flu going around thats a little different.

i used to clean mine really well but in the end i just decided fuckit. at the worse my hookah lasts me 6 months because its been 3 now and no rust and i leave my hookah setup sometimes for a whole week and just putting on new bowls of similar/same flavor/s. if it breaks thats what 50 bucks for a km if you get a good price at my exact hookah and your good for another 6 months. 100 bucks a year oh well, i try to buy a new hookah every month but hold back so this just ensures if it at the 6 month mark that i get the new one i want rather than waiting a year.

the 4 minute scrub gets out any flavor and the vinegar will kill any smell. if there is something in there eh its really not going to do much and with regular smoking and its lightly on there it will be sucked into the water in one session. if its really on there ill get it out the second session. also with my brush i doubt anything will stay stuck in there its a nice medium stiffness bristle brush which just barely squeezes into that hose and its maybe a foot of it.
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