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Originally Posted by Dakins View Post
However, because of the shape of the vase, I'm afraid it's going to get out of balance and tip over if I stick a Razan in it. Or if someone pulls on the hose by accident, etc...

How stable is it really?
I have the Bambino and it's never tipped, and although I do try to be careful, I've jerked the hose a time or two. Keep in mind that it's a short hookah and is inherently less likely to tip. I wish I had the QT only because, from what I've read, the vase on the QT is more solid. My Bambino has a cheap vase with a lousy, uneven paint job. I don't like it, but it gets the job done. The stem is gorgeous so I deal. I also have trouble getting the stem to sit even on the vase and have to fuss with it a lot or it looks like the leaning tower of Piza after I've got my Phunnel bowl on it.

I do suggest, if you have the extra cash, to spring for a wider tray otherwise some of those rolling coals can get pretty scary. I got the Chiller Tray for it and it fits perfectly, it looks great with the stem, I love it, and it's saved me a lot of burns. It's curved on the edges like a cowboy hat so there's plenty of room for accessing the purge valve and hose port.
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