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Default Re: How should the water be in the vase?

Originally Posted by daedra
Originally Posted by boomhauer
actually it can be done almost if you want. i brought 2 medium/big styrofoam boxes from work (ditched getting the really large one because it was broken) so if you want to use them we can do it. can pack it with dry ice or with lots of crushed ice and have a nice COLD session the entire time because the styrofoam will keep it cold a long time. if i can put my hookah into just one with enough room to spare you can take the extra.
i swear man, that right there is a great idea! for our first session we really should do that.
im gonna go put them to have any smell killed then, i dont trust the crap at work for killing a sent so ill use vinegar and if that doesnt work ill use some bleach later on. i do trust it for killing anything will contaminate it because we are around meat and having raw meat touch something will not be good for fear of cross contamination. since the water and all the air intake is separate it wont matter too much that there was bleach in it before and the fact that it will be let to air out so most all if not all the bleach will escape.
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