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Default Re: Does the Height of a hookah matter or what?

Originally Posted by boomhauer
the 4 minute scrub gets out any flavor and the vinegar will kill any smell. if there is something in there eh its really not going to do much and with regular smoking and its lightly on there it will be sucked into the water in one session. if its really on there ill get it out the second session. also with my brush i doubt anything will stay stuck in there its a nice med/hard bristle brush which just barely squeezes into that hose and its maybe 6 inches of them. with the stifness and even though its not the longest it will get rid of anything stuck on there.
vinegar? ill have to try that. ive been using hot water and this lemon stuff. i have a jug of simple green crystal below the sink that im planning on using next time i clean my hookah.

as far as scrub brushes go, i ordered one from H-S but for some reason the bristles are really weak! im thinking maybe i can find a better quality one at a store.
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