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Default Re: multi colored hookah stems

Originally Posted by brutalmetals View Post
as far as the temperatures go, my buddy did his brake calipers on his audi tt and it hasnt shown any wear on the finish, so i dont think the heat will actually melt the finish or anything. as far as the fumes and such that might be present (ie sitting a coal on the tray) im going to do a few expirements this weekend. and also, i didnt think you could powder the glass, but if you pre heat it up after you sandblast it, it aprently works. another thing im going to be trying. you guys got any suggestions color suggestions for this mya? im thinking gloss black....
honestly unless you wanted super exact match on color and texture there is no reason to powdercoat a vase. i could see it holding on sandblasted glass but i think its a lot more work that it would be to just color the glass in production

you know now that i think about it my friend was talking about this, idk if he figured out if coals in the tray would be an issue or not or if it was something he still needed to look into. i honestly would want to see the MSDS or other official info from them about any fumes that are released from it. i also think a coal directly on it might cause an issue but kinda think just heat wont be an issue. i would no assume anything though

as to color black or something random and cool, the minis are cheap so if you dont like it you can spend another 25 and get one to mess around with again

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