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Default Re: First time buyer - which should I buy??

Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
I just ordered a 40" KM for $90 and I seen a few MZ's there for around $60 check it out You might be able to get a nicer model for the same price... I was looking at both KM and MZ, The Km's are said to be built like a tank but the MZ's are said to be not as strong but the weilds are cleaner... Im kinda bumed I didn't find the site earlier... 3 250g's of nakhla for $20 I mean thats around $6 a box... can't go wrong... I left a link for you, you might save some money, They give you an option to not take all the goodies and just by the hookah, so you buy the stuff you want instead...
Thanks a lot for the advice. Where is the link, though?
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