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Default Re: Any of these hookahs any good?

I just thought I would add my 2 cents. When I decided I wanted to try smoking Hookah, I had no clue what to buy or where to buy from. I checked my go to site (Ebay) and found two hookahs that "looked" nice. I knew they were knockoffs but they looked nice and came with everything I needed to start me on my new adventure. They came with the hookah, 2 hoses, tongs, coals, 3 paks of herbal shisha, cleaning brush, bowl and hard case. I bid on one and forgot about it later and bid on a second one. Well of course I won both. This was 5 years ago. I am still smoking out of the original one and have not yet opened up the other. Would I like to have one of these works of art everyone talks about on here? Hell yea. And one day (soon) I will probably order one but I just thought it would be nice to know you don't always have to dive in for big bucks right away. Since I usually smoke my hookah alone (though both are dual hose), I don't feel the need to impress anyone and knowing I only paid less then 50 bucks for 2 hookahs makes it all the more enjoyable. The glass is a cheap painted jar, it has just a slight restriction in the draw. Cheap hoses, clay or ceramic bowl. I clean it after each use and it is only now starting to rust a little in the chamber. I have of course replaced the hoses. I will post a pic of them one of these days. And it should be noted I only smoke a couple of times a week (sometimes 3 or 4) now but when I first got it I did smoke about once a day for about a month or so till I quit smoking Cigs. I am now pretty much only smoking herbal except once in a very rare while (like once a month or less) I will pop in some tobacco shisha. Since that time 5 years ago, I have had the privalidge of smoking out of a couple of really nice KM's and MZ's and I actually went to 2 Hookah bars. So my experience has expanded some beyond my own hookahs (of which I have only used one so far).
I don't mean to insult anyone on this awesome forum I just thought I would share my story and say that you can be happy with a cheaper knockoff. After 5 years of faithful service, I certainly had time to save up for a really nice Hookah. No way can I say I'm sorry for buying the cheaper knockoff.
If your planning on going herbal, definitely try the Saalaam. It is WAY better (smoother, more flavor and nice clouds) then the Soex if you can find it though I did smoke the Soex for a year before trying the other brands. Saalaam doesn't have anywhere near as many flavors as Soex though.

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