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Default Re: nammor hose problem...(sorta)

Originally Posted by MindGrind View Post
Mine had a blue grommet that fell out very quickly, I just used epoxy and stuck it back in for good to make a nice tight seal. Works wonders now.

They really use cheap glue on these things.
some times the hot glue holds well some times it doesnt

Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
both those hoses are built like garbage, but there really isn't anything that compairs to them at the moment... I have owned two nammors and every peice of the first one I had that could come apart did, and this one is still hanging in there but the part that connects to the hookah will start to get loose in the middle of a session... I think they just throw them togeather at the factory...
i wouldnt say garbage, they are just inconsistent, i have 2 nammors i bought in aug, one the main grommet came out but thats no big deal, the other one is fine so far. a got another one because i had broken the hose port tip on one of them since then fixed it too but the newer ones handle came apart.

part of it is that people wash them wrong, you can get away with not washing them for months and that helps, if you do have to wash it though use cold water and it should last longer

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