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Default Re: nammor hose problem...(sorta)

Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
Its odd how a company is so inconsistant, I mean If their hoses didn't preform so well I would be afraid to buy from them, the hose on the second one I bought has stood up very well... But deffinantly would have to check out the razzans, from my understanding they are built the same, but would have to see for myself...
some of the issues honestly could be just from the heat it gets in transportation or if the materials they use are not constantly as clean in their supply. hot glue is the main issue though IMHO, if they switched to a more permanent glue it would work better BUT the issue with other glues is that most of them off gas and do it for a while or just dont work for what needs to be done. not to mention instead of 15 seconds to wait for them to cool they will need probably an hour+ before the glue holds enough (so they need to make gigs then the hold the hoses as they are drying). the only glue that i can think of off hand that would probably be safe to use is silicone glue but that takes a while to dry

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