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Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
All I have to say is, alot of people say mean things to be a d$ck, I even stated I was just messing around...
i just hope everyone here knows old optical is joking to...

when i shopped for my first hookah i did sevral things, first off i put in my mind what i wanted, as the looks of a hookah are as importent as how it smokes, imo. i set a price range i would not deviate from, and i went about and looked for popular models, trusted brands and retailers, my basic requierment was had to be tall, needed 4 hoses and preferably red vase. after i found sevral i liked i went to my local hookah lounge and asked them what they thought (since i knew them on a personal basis and they have been doing this for more then a decade)
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