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Default Questions about Al Fakher Solid Hookah

Background (lazy readers skip down to the questions below): I'm currently using a Mya 26" Bohemian and Razan hose that have both been modded a bit (slightly wider bore and stronger stainless steel stem pipe, new o-rings/gaskets, rubber/metal diffuser, cleaned up threads and heart internals; the hose was mainly rebuilt/modded for better build quality, ease of maintenance, and looks). For the record, I'm satisfied with the way they smoke. I initially chose the Mya because of how it can be broken down for ease of transport with the included case and mod-ability, looks & size, and I like having an extra acrylic base for peace of mind whenever drinking is involved since I do take this one around. I am not too thrilled with the way it purges though and I'm actually thinking about modding that too.

Despite being happy with the Mya, lately I've been thinking about getting another hookah strictly for home use. I've kinda narrowed my choices down to a Khalil Mamoon Signature Ice or Al Fakher Medium Solid hookah. I like the Signature Ice because of all the pluses for being a KM, optional use of the chiller, bigger tray, and looks, but I'm leaning against it because of cost ($$$) vs improvement over my current Mya, size (26-30" is ideal to me), unsure of brass construction, and I can't find one with a vase I like. I like the KM Kafae also but I ruled it out because I like the look of the AF more and would rather get the Signature Ice if I went with a KM. I like the size, price/value, and bottom tray of the AF but I don't want to get it if it doesn't have some key improvements over the Mya Bohemian, which leads me to the point of this thread...

About the AF Medium Solid Hookah:

1. Is the heart a solid piece with ports, open chamber, or open chamber with cover plate for ports?

2. Is the hose port wide bored? How well does a Razan hose tip fit into it? (I've read it's pretty small so the fit of the Razan is a concern)

3. How is the purge compared to a KM?

4. Is the draw slightly restrictive or is it more like a KM?

5. Have they fixed the short down tube issue?

Or you could simply just post everything you know about the AF (pictures are great!) and I'll sort through the info. Also, C is not the answer to all of these questions.

P.S. If only AF made a chiller.
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