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Default Re: Cigarette vs. Hookah Smoke quick "napkin" study

Originally Posted by MN_Clouds View Post
Unfortunately, this is false. The 'burning' of the tobacco the studies refer to is simply the combustion process, or the normal process of generating smoke in a hookah. It is not the hookah aficionado's definition of 'burning' the shisha, which is overheating the tobacco to the point of charring it. Even herbal shisha produces tar when it is combusted. I wish it wasn't the case, but it is. The 0% tar on shisha packages refers to the amount of tar BEFORE smoking, not the total that is produced during the session.

a couple of references:
huh, i never knew that. but from your sources it sounds like the "tar" created is substantially less hazardous then tar from a cigarette.

i took a quote from one of your sources:

The hazards of tar, and particularly its carcinogenicity are directly related to the working temperatures whereby not only combustion and pyrolysis are involved, as a WHO report states, but also distillation, as emphasised by Baker et al [21,56]. This is particularly true in the case of shisha smoking where the temperatures of the tobacco-molasses mixture in the bowl does not go in excess of 150C, allowing a chemical reaction of the Maillard type [27]. Even when using a smoking machine and despite the bias these methods entail, the temperature hardly reaches 200C [34,35]. The more the temperature is elevated, the more carcinogenic the smoke is. In these conditions, hookah tar is qualitatively very different from that produced by cigarettes. Furthermore, in the case of the fashionable shisha (using flavoured molasses tobacco with glycerol), a great portion of the calculated "tar" is expected to be made up of glycerol which has proved not "adversely alter the smoke chemistry or biological effects normally associated with exposure to mainstream cigarette smoke" [57] as in the harm reduction Eclipse cigarette (about 40%).
also, here's my opinion of what i think about hookah's harmful effects...

Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
ahem..this just in to the cnn health report. there is no way to prevent death. 10 out of 10 people die. the WHO proclaims this incident as a "level 6 epidemic" and in early 2010 every human in the united states will be required to be administered 6 shots per month.

you know, i would love to die from smoking hookah. hookah smoking is my favorite hobby and i would rather die at 60 doing the things i love instead of dying at 110 and have never drank alcohol, never gotten laid, never smoked hookah, never went out into public, never took chances, and never had fun.

i don't give two shits if it's equivalent to smoking 100 packs per session. i love to do it and i will gladly die at any time from doing it. i'm gonna go load up some nakhla DA and enjoy myself.
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