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Default Re: Questions about Al Fakher Solid Hookah

Own a large solid...answering for that...but the hookahs are all the same basically.

1. Is the heart a solid piece with ports, open chamber, or open chamber with cover plate for ports?
traditional chamber, two seperate tubes

2. Is the hose port wide bored? How well does a Razan hose tip fit into it? (I've read it's pretty small so the fit of the Razan is a concern)

The bore of the hose port is wide, but it doesnt flare as much as a KM does, so it is a bit of a snuf fit for larger hoses, but they work.

3. How is the purge compared to a KM?


4. Is the draw slightly restrictive or is it more like a KM?

Pretty much the same...some people think its a bit better but a disagree. I think KM wins by a small margin.

5. Have they fixed the short down tube issue?

Downstem is a bit shorter on mine than I would like...but it doesn't particularly bother me. I think the downstems are longer than the older versions however (from what I can tell from pictures)
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