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Default Re: Cigarette vs. Hookah Smoke quick "napkin" study

Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
huh, i never knew that. but from your sources it sounds like the "tar" created is substantially less hazardous then tar from a cigarette.
Indeed. Although volume differential seemingly balances out the differences of the tar, it is important to note that the composition of the tar is much different. I was trying to communicate that tar is produced no matter how you smoke the shisha. smoke=tar.
It is also important to distinguish between tobacco smoke tar and road tar, as it is a common misconception that smoking tobacco is somehow equivalent to licking the road. The tar you inhale is nowhere near the substance used in road repair. The tar measured in tobacco smoke is a combination of all the particles left over when the tobacco itself is combusted. It surprises me how often this misconception pops up, even in a smoker's community like this.
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