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Default Mya 72" Hookah Hose on a Junior Hookah???

I am knew here so please excuse any ignorance I may accidentally show in my questions and responses.

I just bought my first Hookah. It is a junior and I am really liking it. The only thing I didn't like is my hose and that is where my question comes.

I just recently picked up this

Then it dawned on me though. I have a Junior Hookah. Does that mean I have to get a specific Junior Hookah hose?

I put the grommet on the butt of the hose and inserted it into the hose chamber and it seems as if I were to push it in hard enough, I would not experience any problems. Note that I have not gotten to smoke with this new hose, but I am wondering if anyone has smoked from a junior hookah with a big hose?

Thank You

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