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Default King Moassel? anyone try it?

Someone posted a link to this site earlier so i did some looking around and found this. King Moassel. From what i have heard, it is cheap and not that great, but im really interested in some of their flavors like, Oregano, English Scotch, Double Pear, Pine Bouquet (i love pine scent), Red Wine, and Date. Most of these are not available from the actual site i think, but the picture shows a few of the different kinds. I think that this is an interesting approach on shisha, with flavors that most people wouldnt think of.....then again, it prolly tastes like shit so idk. <deleted link>

edit: they also make Cognac, Vodka, Beer, Buttermilk & Chocolate, Carrot, Champagne, Adam and Eve apple (WTF?), and a pistachio that will prolly never come close to nakhla.
but i cant post the site.

a quick google search of king moassel will show you the other sites with more flavors.

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