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Default Re: you burn and you learn

Originally Posted by Hookah_Ninja View Post
I must be a pro, i almost never have a sesh where the clouds arent big and milky. Unless its a new hookah, or a friends hookah. As far as my hookahs, i have learned exactly how to pack the bowls, how many holes to poke in the foil. Perfect coal placement, and the perfect amount of water in the base. Along with ice =]]

I always use SB, and pull the leaves apart and i havent had a hard time getting fatty clouds, with great taste. And my stock bowl lasts about 1-1.5 hours every time, b/f any harshness. =]
anybody can get good clouds with starbuzz, no offence.

someone needs to teach me how to get good clouds from non-mizo nakhla. then i wil be happy.
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