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Default Re: Any of these hookahs any good?

Originally Posted by Demonix View Post
A bunch of people I know are protesting Amazon, I believe it has something to do with the gay community not being happy with something. I'm not really sure.
A few months ago, Amazon censored their search results to remove GLBT-themed works, even though many of them weren't sexually explicit. That made it impossible to find books with gay characters from the front page's search bar. They said they were removing "adult material" from being found easily. But if you looked for the keyword "Playboy" on the front page, you could still find plenty of heterosexual works with explicit pictures, readily available for all to see. Many explicit heterosexual books never got censored, but every gay/lesbian work was de-ranked and hidden under the carpet.

That's mostly what the drama is about, Amazon's double standards.
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