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Default Re: Any body can answer

I have smoked out of most types of hookahs.

In my current collection I have 3 Syrians, and 3 Egyptians.
Glyph (hard to find in brass these days)
Al-Fakher 28" Solid (Size isnt produced anymore...but the 30" and 26" are close
Nour LE - not a bad stem, but not my best syrian

KM Exotica/SSR
Temsah Wheat
Temsah Trimetal

Let me go ahead and explain that I had 2 egyptians and did not know what to buy next, but I thought about it, and I really enjoyed the temsah rig much more than my KM rig, so instead of getting a KM Trimetal, I went for the Temsah Trimetal, and honestly its an impressive hookah. I didnt like the vase it came with so in the end I bought a large clear spiral base from SS, and its quite a sexy beast now.

My Syrians though, are still the prized part of my current collection, they have more crafstmanship, more detail, and just are more enjoyable to smoke for me.

Its not necessarily about listening to others with expereince, its about getting that experience yourself and seeing what you like.

Some people like a wide open pull on their hookahs, I prefer a little resistance, its honestly the annoying part of my AF since it has a wide open pull, I have to pack it so theres a tad more resistance.

You should try a lot, and settle down with something.

I've sold or gotten rid of in some manner most of the rigs in my collection, I just have 6 now and itll stay that way until I see something that blows me away... Even my tobacco stash is getting smaller, because I know what I will smoke again and what I wont.

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner
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