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Default Advice please =]

I have FINALLY come into some money! And so i'm able to buy myself a new hookah!

I'd really appreciate some advice, i'm really keen on getting a KM, but as you may or may not know the choice of KM's in the UK is very limited. I have my eye on this:

I think its a KM Hafa, but im not sure (I would be confident if it werent for the fact that that website advertise every one of their crappy hookahs as a KM)

I was also looking at this:

But I would only consider that one if it was a KM too.

If you can tell me anything or give me any advice about those pipes i would really appreciate it.

Id also love to hear from anyone whos selling a KM in the UK or other places in the UK i could get a decent pipe

Thanks a lot!

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