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Default Re: which one will i like the best?

well yesterday i got my hookah order in and i smoked a lil bit of everything.. polls were mostly correct.. pink lemonade is the best shisha i have tried so far and im blown out of the water.. easily 10/10... only thing i didnt like was i only got 200 grams of it.. JMs tangerine was good but not as enjoyable as pink lemonade still pretty good quality of smoke and flavor.. i give it a 8/10 coulda been sweeter but still worth the money anyhow... i was truly dissapointed at the fusion pomegranate... what a waste of money.. smoke was great but it didnt taste like anything.. and im using a vortex bowl for christ sake! it just tasted bland flavorless. maybe i got a bad batch i dunno.. but just horrible 3/10.. the hydro herbal shisha was as i expected, a good warmup smoke...i was smoking raspberry and the flavor was strong and smoke was BODACIOUS....bodacious, does anyone use that word anymore? well thats what it was, thick clouds that filled half the room, just beautiful flavor and cloud mixture, i got a lil light headed but no awesome nicotine buzz but its herbal what do you expect right ? overall the fusion was the only big waste of money that occured during the order but at least now i know what flavor not to waste my time on..

id like to thank everyone for chipping in their opinions, your all pretty much same mindset as i am and iv enjoyed hyping up this order, it made the smoking of the shisha much more anticipated and enjoyable

thanks again
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