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Default Re: Interesting Traditional Bowl

Originally Posted by jimmmmaaaa View Post
So i was in astoria today looking at hookah products, and noticed that many of the shops sold bowls that were not your traditional bowl. They were more like a funnel (no, not a phunnel), and basically just resembled an old style record player horn, with a single hole for smoke to travel down through. Then they had these with a variation- the top edge of the bowl was almost ruffled. Unfortunately, i can't think of a better way to describe it. Anyway, has anyone ever seen/used any of these? I thought they might be used for a more traditonal tobacco, but i haven't found anything on that. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures and wont be going back for a few weeks.
I know exactly what your talking about, ive been there and seen them in person, i've seen some of the cafes around there using that with nak zag with the coal directly on the tobacco.
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