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Default Have not smoked a real hookah, imo, in 2 weeks

Although I had a great time in Lebanon for the last 2 weeks and was catered to anywhere I went with a hookah for around $6, I am ready to use my own rig again in a few minutes. The hookahs tasted just fine there and they had some great mixes and fruit bowls nut I am really looking forward to using a nice solid egyptian rig tonight. They had cheaper versions there, that smoked just fine but I will be getting a bit more rumble tonight from a KM. I have no idea what I will smoke. I did smoke alot on of mint, lemon mint and double apple over the past few weeks so I will try something else. The only problem is I am about to fall asleep on my keyboard and it's not even 8pm on a saturday night. Hope I make it as I haven't had a hookah in almost 48 hours now that's like a few weeks in hookahdog years.
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