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Default Re: 10 out of 10 shishas

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
A 10 is something perfect. It really doesnt exist.

If something was perfect (10) then everyone would also think it was a 10 b/c being perfect would mean that it is the best for all in all ways.

I rate Nakhla DA a 9, and everything else a 7 and below. A 9 for me is The best of the best.
that may be your idea of a 10 but as expressed before hand, people look for different things and if we all agreed it would be a boring world wouldnt it? the rating of 1 to 10 is most definately a sliding teeter totter of a scale that differs between different people therfore what may be perfect for me may not be perfect for you.. hense the teeter totter scale of 1-10. not to mention people set up their hookahs differently so just because you didnt get the perfect smoke out of something doesnt mean it cant be done.. that is just my view of it and my opinion.

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